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Polymer for Soil’s Water Management for Crops.

How does it work?

NEWGEL increases the water holding capacity of soils and potting mixes by decreasing the water and nutrient seepage, evaporation and surface runoff. For example, 1 kilogram of NEWGEL is able to absorb up to 250 liter of demineralised water. Note: Salts and ions in soil or irrigation water decrease the uptake of liquids under field conditions.

NEWGEL protect the plants before the plants reach the “permanent wilting point”.

NEWGEL protect the water and plant nutrients against runoff of lixiviation. Water which normally drains away, now stay in the soil to be available for plants.

NEWGEL is an Environmentally Friendly Organic Polymer that manages the moisture in the soil during drought and makes it available to the plants:

  • Under drought condition
  • To extend the period between irrigation periods.
  • Prevent “permanent wilting point”,
  • Improve Soil “water retention capacity” and Plants “water availability”.

Environmentally Safe

NEWGEL is an Environmentally Friendly Product.

NEWGEL is very effective for use in landscaping, forestry and agriculture.

NEWGEL is biodegradable in the environment.

NEWGEL is approved for use in Organic Cropping.

How to use?

Using 3 grams of NEWGEL per liter of soil, the water available to plant is increased by 30-50%.

Using NEWGEL in sandy soil improve “water retention capacity” and “water availability” to the roots than those of a silt loamy soil.

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